For Job seekers      Procedural

For Job seekers       Procedural

  1. 1)Contact
    Contact us through Web or by phone, and let us know what time/day is convenient for you to interview.
  2. 2)Interview / Registration
    Fill in the form, take the employment interview (including your desired job type), then register as a contract staff.
  3. 3)Selection and job introduction
    We will introduce a job that is consistent with your experiences, skills and preferences of working style.
  1. 4)Job start!

    It will be the start of the job.

    If you work for more than two months, you must join a social insurance.
  2. 5)Periodic follow-up
    We will carry out periodic follow-up by our supervisors.

For employers Procedural

For employers    Procedural

  1. 1)Confirmation of requests
    We, Nissey Products Co., Ltd will ask your request background, work contents, work conditions and so on, then propose suitable ways of using contract staffing services.
  2. 2)Selection of contract staffs
    Based on the conditions you presented, we will select contract staffs.
  3. 3)Interview
    You will have the opportunity to meet and interview directly with staffs to be dispatched.
  1. 4)Start dispatching
    After the conclusion of the contract, contracted staffs will start to work under the command of your company. During the period, you will be responsible for the dispatch fees in accordance with the actual working hours.
  2. 5)Periodic follow-up
    Our supervisors regularly visit workplaces and check the employment situations of contract staffs. We will find and solve problems at an early stage and support stable employment.